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    الرئيسية » 2013 » September » 22 » WolfLite Pro v8.0
    3:30 PM
    WolfLite Pro v8.0
    32 Day WolfLite Pro only 26$ ! Moreover, all of us Alan Gold Membership Gift!
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    My Skype:ColdHacksG3
    WolfLite Pro Cheat Features

    Infinite Ammo: Unlimited Ammo cheat. Name Esp: Competitor The team's names even see through the wall, where you can see that. No Recoil: Sekmeme trick No Spread: left to right bullets disperse very comfortable target is hit. No. Reload: Magazine trick. (You do not need to change the magazine.) Return to base: Base rotation trick instant touch of a button. No Fall Damage: In case of a high craving never goes anywhere. Fast Shooting: goes faster than bullets. Wolf Type: Kurt trick, you can set up . Ice Ball: Unlimited ice ball can. (On hold) Instant Switch: You can quickly change weapons. No. Clip: punch through walls. Flying: Flying trick. 3rd Person View: Open View is like a wolf. Cross Hair: Sighting trick. Ultra Speed: Speed ​​trick. You can go very fast. PerfectMs + AntiC114: Even though Internet is too slow off the edge of the room, in each room you can not mistake. Reverse C114 VoteKick: off the edge of the room because of the lag. Anti Death Godmode: you are immortal! No. V2 Death Count: the number of deaths at the end of the game kd'nize written. Ultra Damage: Increases the damage caused to much too. 3D Box Esp: creates a 3D box around the players. You can see through walls. Hack'tir a kind wall. Aimbot: At every bullet goes opponent's head. Inventory v2.0: Inventory trick. Ultra Jump: Jumping trick. You can jump up to 20 times the normal jumpin.(Now you would think ) Room Crash - 1 use / Anti Crash: assigns the occupants of the room Wolfteam'den complete sets. Is one of the most favorite features. Check Point saves the touch of a button where you're going, but where you saved the Teleport button. Swear: Profanity filter is removed. Change Mode: Mode trick, the game changes modes. Auto Shoot: Shoot your opponent sees is his own auto. You can Mause'yi Teleport Players: Oyundakileri a single beam touch with you. So you can kill immediately. Virutal HWID: HWID Ban prevents you from eating. AI Mode Rapid Kill (per 500Kills login): AI mode, kill 160 people in 10 seconds automatically. Game Over: Game can end at any time. For example, there are about 4-5 minutes more, then the time to 0, you can finish out the game. Insta Bomb Plant / Defuse: execution can quickly build a bomb. Shadow Mode: Invisibility trick. Character Hack: All characters in your inventory loads.
    Feature Inventory Cheats
    * All weapons (guns are restricted in the video is active all the weapons, but the trickery, cheating program you choose, and using weapons.)
    * All guns 
    * All blades 
    * All Bombs 
    * All characters 
    * All characters, items (as vested automatically) 
    * Some wolves 
    * Kurt talent developers 
    * All items used in the hunt for Kurt 
    * Kurt ability to view and private wolf 
    slots * Storage 
    * And some extra Items (removal time of rebirth, a bomb die, etc.).
    Supported Systems and Servers trick
    • Wolfteam Softnyx = WIS
    • Wolfteam Latino = WLS
    • Wolfteam Turkish = WTS
    • Wolfteam Arab = WAS
    • Wolfteam Aeria US = WUS
    • Wolfteam Aeria DE = DE
    • ​Wolfteam Aeria RU = RU
    • ​Wolfteam Aeria FR = FR
    • ​Wolfteam Aeria PL = PL
    Cheats Images 

    Compara  Vía Paypal
    Buy now

    My Skype:ColdHacksG3
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